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Wellness Speaker Kelly Marie Peck

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with wellness speaker – Kelly Marie Peck

As a Trauma-informed Cyclical Living & Embodiment Mentor, Kelly supports people in understanding their true nature, following their intuition, & embodying their unique blend of magic.

Certified to work with Reiki energy & drawing on a range of nature-anchored techniques, cyclical guidance, & embodiment practices, she guides others to connect with & heal themselves. 

Weaving four key pillars of attuning to the cycles of nature, being more aware of energy, embracing all parts of ourselves, & bringing intuition into our every day through her work – Kelly’s approach to spirituality is grounded; holding space for & encouraging a practice that is built on personal values as well as providing insights & tools that can easily be integrated day-to-day.

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Past  Wellness Workshops &  Events

Ground, Heal  &  Balance Your Energy Levels

Ground, Heal  &  Balance Your Energy Levels


23rd & 24th April 2022.


Mindspace, Hamburg for Traverse Events wellness, mindfulness & creativity event for content creators ReBoot ’22.


Do you feel overwhelmed or unclear about the path you are on?

This session will help you pull yourself out of linear patterns that can keep you stuck & will focus on helping you to align with your true nature through understanding & working with energy.

We’ll delve into what energy is, how it can remain stuck within our bodies, & the significance of clearing stagnant energy. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your energetic field, the benefit of movement, & how to empower yourself by developing an energy practice built on personal values.

With an insight into energy & simple tools to balance your energy levels, you’ll master how to be naturally guided by your intuition, embody your unique blend of magic & in turn, live a more soul-aligned life.

Key Takeaways:

⇢ How to energetically ground & work with your natural rhythms.

The value of honouring your soul path & allowing your inner compass to lead the way.

Energy balancing techniques that you can easily integrate into your day-to-day.

Traverse Events Wellness Event for Content Creators Reboot 2022 - Ground, Heal & Balance your Energy Levels with Wildly Emboided
Reboot - wellness, mindfulness & creativity event
Hamburg, Germany Tourist board event

Maintaining Energy Levels Whilst Travelling  &  Working on the Road

Maintaining Energy Levels Whilst Travelling  &  Working on the Road


17th September 2022.


Hotel Passage Brno for Traverse Events annual conference for content creators.


Travel, adventure & exploring new places is exciting & expansive… … & it is what, at Traverse, we are all here for! But, equally, it can leave us feeling tired & energetically drained. Paired with creating content & working on the road, the lifestyle that a lot of us have chosen sometimes leads to exhaustion & even, complete burnout. In this session, you’ll discover how to strike a balance & maintain your energy levels as a travelling content creator.

Beginning with a short meditation to centre & ground from here we’ll move into a group discussion about what exactly leaves us feeling drained whilst travelling & working on the road. We’ll then tap into the sensations that show up in the body & will discover how listening to these first & foremost can prevent our energy levels from wearing too thin.

Lastly, we’ll delve into some energy balancing techniques which will cover the significance of clearing stagnant energy from our bodies, a deeper understanding of our energetic field & the benefits of treating movement as medicine.

Key Takeaways :

How the ‘good’ & the ‘not so good’ sides of travel can leave your energy levels equally drained.

An understanding of how our bodies react to our environment & how we can tap into this to nurture our needs.

Energy balancing techniques that you can easily integrate into your travel/working on the road lifestyle.

Maintaining Energy Levels whilst Travelling & Working on The Road Wellness Workshop with Wildly Embodied for Traverse Events

Photo credit: Michael Tomas @londonviewpoints

Photo credit: Michael Tomas @londonviewpoints

Traverse events for content creators
Brno, Czech Republic Tourism Organised Event




7th January 2023.


Athens, Greece for the Digital Nomad Meetup Community.


We’ll gather together for sunset to reflect on the past year & what we would like to release then supported by a guided group reiki meditation we’ll focus on what we’d like to manifest & bring forward into 2023.

This is for all levels – from beginner to advanced, just come with an open mind & a little curiosity.

Key Takeaways :

Connection with the Masculine or action energy of the sun to align with your intentions for the year.

An appreciation of the collective energies & how each & every one of us is connected.

An empowered sense of clarity & purpose for 2023.

Sunset group meditation wellness event for the digital nomad community Athens

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