The Celtic Wheel of the Year

Wildly Embdoied - Celtic Wheel of the Year

A ritual calendar handed down by our Celtic & pre-Celtic ancestors the Celtic Wheel of the Year is a solar calendar which marks the time of connection to the phases of nature.

From seeds stirring in the belly of Mother Earth to sprouting, blooming, turning to fruit & going back to ground – it is a representation of the endless turning wheel of life.

Delve deeper into working with Nature’s cycles…

Sunday the 29th of January : A FREE Reiki-infused workshop for an overview of working with nature’s cycles including how the specific energies of each season affect us as cyclical beings.

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Saturday the 4th & Sunday the 5th of February : A weekend immersive workshop where we’ll connect with the Celtic wheel of the year right after Imbolc – harnessing the energetic light of Spring & learning how to work with the seasons, just as out ancestors did.


workshops hosted by Kelly Marie Peck & Becca Rose Guy